Light Green Offer :- MRP Purchase Discount Offer!


     a) Rs.200/- Discount Offer:-

    Purchase Rs.1200 above and get Rs.200/- Discount in Bill.

      b) Rs.300/- Discount Offer:-

    Purchase Rs.1800 above and get Rs.300/- Discount in Bill.

  c) Rs.400/- Discount Offer:-

    Purchase Rs.2400 above and get Rs.400/- Discount in Bill.

     d) Rs.500/- Discount Offer:-

    Purchase Rs.3000 above and get Rs.500/- Discount in Bill.

    e) Rs.600/- Discount Offer:-

    Purchase Rs.3600 above and get Rs.600/- Discount in Bill.

    f) Rs.700/- Discount Offer:-

    Purchase Rs.4200 above and get Rs.700/- Discount in Bill.

  g) Rs.800/- Discount Offer:-

    Purchase Rs.4800 above and get Rs.800/- Discount in Bill.

     h) Rs.900/- Discount Offer:-

    Purchase Rs.5400 above and get Rs.900/- Discount in Bill.

     i) Rs.1000/- Discount Offer:-

    Purchase Rs.6000 above and get Rs.1000/- Discount in Bill.

Terms and Conditions:-

  1. The Minimum Value to enrolling their names in this Scheme is Rs.1200/-
  2. All Products Prices will be in MRP Rate only and No Discounted Prices for this.
  3. The above offers will contain normal family products and customer should check before ordering the products and quantities before getting their offers.
  4. Purchase should be made for maximum 5 Nos for each Product for every bill. If the Products Value is More than Rs.500/- will not be consider in the package value.
  5. Free delivery will be done for the above purchase as per our company norms.
  6. Payments should be made by Cash / Card at the time of delivery. Coupons will not be accepted.
  7. No returns will be accepted after the goods once received by the customer.
  8. The Company will have powers to modify / change the scheme at any time.
  9. Delivery time will vary from time to time in accordance with the order.
  10. The company will have powers to cancel the order at anytime without giving any notice to the customer.
  11. This scheme is a limited period offer and to celebrate our First Year Anniversary. The company reserves right to disqualify any customer from the benefits of the Offer, in case of any fraudulent activity / suspicious transactions or misuse of the Offer in any way.


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